Professional Gunsmith

Caring For and Improving Your Guns

Even if you use your firearms directly according to textbook instructions, they will occasionally need thorough cleaning and maintenance. You can learn to do it yourself, but it's much easier to hire Dave's experienced gunsmith. Let our experts take care of your firearms, show you tips for proper use, and help you get more years from your guns.

Our On-Site Services Include:

  • Scope mounting
  • Sight installation
  • Gun cleaning
  • Gun maintenance
  • Gunsmithing

Photo of the gunsmith holding a handgun

Call (217) 469-8000 for a FREE estimate on repairs.

"Ever since I met Dave about a year ago, he's been my go-to person for anything firearm related. He's always willing to give you the best recommendations, even if it means he sees less money. His prices are very fair and even when ammunition is scarce, he refuses to price gouge or give in to scalpers. Dave's always willing to give me advice on guns and ammunition, and he's a great person to chat with. Dave's gunsmith is also extremely nice and helpful. He's taught me a lot of useful tricks and thanks to his handiwork, my $200 gun now feels like a $600 gun. I cannot recommend Dave's enough!"
- Nick A.